Ultra Violet Disinfection Units

Ultra Safe Ultraviolet Water Purifiers are manufactured from stainless steel 304/316/316L. The Radiation chamber is mirror polished from the inside and outside thus reflecting max. Amount of radiation. Both the ends are flanged for easy operation, maintenance and servicing. Specially designed reflectors give additional U.V. reflection to get maximum efficiency. Units are designed to get maximum retention time and turbulence of water for better results. The U.V. Lamps are housed in quartz sleeve and assembled in Stainless Steel Shells. Each quartz jacket is provided with a specially designed wiper assembly for removing any particles that get settled on the Quartz tube.

The wiper assembly is specially designed for easy operation without stopping the operation of the unit. The system is completely sealed to avoid any harmful effects from U.V. radiation. All witted rubber parts are made of Food Grade Silicon Rubber to avoid bad odor & detraction due to U.V. radiation. The Power Panel of the system is specially designed to withstand voltage fluctuation up to 5% + . All the U.V. Cables are protected with spiral shield. The U.V. lamps are provided with indicator lamps to show the burning of U.V. lamps. An alarm system can be provided to give signal in case of any lamp failure. (Optional). They are available in capacities ranging from 100 ltrs./hr. to 1,00,000 ltrs./hr.