Bag Filter

Bag filter system is designed for optimum filtration performance. The range provides filtration solution for a broad variety of fluid applications in the process industry. They are particularly useful for filtering large volumes of high viscosity liquids. Bag filter is constructed of filter housing, filter bags, internal cage to support bags, positive sealing arrangement, & choice of end connections. The internal supports ensures bags will not burst as high differential pressures build up during operation. Operation Unfiltered fluid enters the housing and is distributed evenly around the filter bags. Filtration takes place from inside to outside. Solids are collected on the inside of filter bag for easy removal. The filtered fluid then exits through the outlet pipe.

Features & Benefits:

  • Low down time
  • High flow rates
  • Low pressure drop
  • Custom design services
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Covers are O-Ring sealed
  • Flow rate up to 2000 m3/hr
  • Large-area, heavy-duty baskets
  • Housings are permanently piped
  • Easy to operate & low maintenance
  • Positive sealing arrangement to avoid bypassing
  • Suitable for PP Collar, Rigid Ring & Snap Band Bags
  • Quick opening Tri Clovers & Fly nut design
  • ASME code stamp available.
  • High temperature & High pressure design are available.
  • All housings made from SS 316 L, SS 316 & SS 304 are mirror polished to resist adhesion of dirt and scale.
  • Carbon steel housings are sand blasted, epoxy coated & finally painted with two coats of synthetic enamel.
  • Multiple bag filter / Duplex bag filter / jacketed bag filter unit designs are available.
  • Special option include filter bag hold-down devices, sanitary, construction different outlet connections, higher pressure ratings, extra- length legs, heat jacketing and adapters for holding filter bags.