Drinking Water Treatment

A quality conscious company offers the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and reliable drinking water treatment. At, pioneer water solutions, while offering municipal drinking water treatment, we always care for quality and customers’ satisfaction that’s the reason, our whole ozone drinking water treatment and uv drinking water treatment processes are monitored by a team of water treatment experts. While purifying contaminated water, our professionals use advanced purifying equipments to remove successfully all kinds of toxic bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals routinely and make safe drinking water.

Reverse osmosis (ro) is a modern process technology to purify water for a wide range of applications including semiconductors, fisheries, food processing, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, power generation, seawater desalting, and municipal drinking water. Our product range also includes drinking water treatment plant. Ro drinking water treatment is the cost effective water purification system and serves as an immediate source of pure water. The process of reverse osmosis (ro) represents the finest level of liquid filtration available today. And though the term sounds mysterious, reverse osmosis isn't really that complicated.

Ordinary water filters use a screen to separate particles from water streams. The holes that these filters have are fairly large. This allows just about everything that is dissolved in the water to pass through as well. An ro drinking water treatment system employs a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane is a thin, multi-layered sheet with pores so small that water molecules can pass through, but it acts as a barrier to dissolved solids like salts and other chemicals. Thus even bacteria and viruses are trapped and not allowed to pass through.

maximum purity is attained by reducing

  • 95% - 99% of the tds
  • 99% of the organics (including pyrogens)
    and bacteria

Reverse osmosis system removes salts, micro-organisms, and high molecular weight organics. The capacity of RO drinking water treatment system depends on three major factors.

  • The feed water temperature
  • Total dissolved solids in feed water ( tds )
  • Operating pressure and the over all recovery of the system.