About Us

Pan Asia Worldwide - a Company Promoted by a Team of Technical, Marketing and Management Professionals is Engaged in the Business of Traders, Importers, Exporters, Projects of state and central Government departments, Manufacturers of Retail, Domestic, Industrial and Technological Products.
The Company’s Product Profile Consists of De- Fluoridation Plants, Vending system enabled community drinking water plants, Mineral Water Vending Machines (WVM), Domestic Water Purifiers, Industrial Water Treatment Systems, Industrial RO Filters, Sand Filters, Stainless steel 316 Tanks, S.S Casings and Housings, Electronics Durables, Mass Consumption Products in the Food & Beverages Segments.


We specialise in Community based drinking water solutions for rural and backward areas, where there are drinking water challenges in water contamination and quality. We have so far provided solutions to over three hundred villages / habitats in south Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu , Telengana & Andhra Pradesh. We use the right technology and methods required for a particular chemical or biological contamination in that particular area. All our water treatment systems are remote monitored and computerised for easy and effective fault management.